Job Description – Content and Operations Assistant

Division: Ambition Insight – thatDROP.com
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Job Type: Full Time
Career Level: Entry Level
Education: High School
Category: Content Management, Editorial, Social Media, Communications

Who Are We?

Ambition Insight, LLC is a Fort Lauderdale media and web development agency specializing in WordPress websites, business consulting, social media strategy, graphic design, web hosting and web training. Our comprehensive business solutions serve clients in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties of South Florida as well as all over the world.

A subsidiary of Ambition Insight, LLC, thatDROP.com is an online publication dedicated to sharing Electronic Dance Music, music festivals, EDM news, free EDM downloads, Media, PLUR and EDM culture. The site is managed by passionate EDM enthusiasts focusing on quality, unique, original content and the electronic dance music community.

With viewership significantly increasing by the day, we are quickly establishing ourselves as one of the leading electronic dance music blogs in the landscape.

Who Are You?

Motivated, passionate, and driven with a thirst for gaining knowledge. Resourceful, innovative, open minded, forward thinking and committed. These are the central tenets embraced by Ambition Insight. If you think you fit the mold, then keep on reading!

Position Overview

Ambition Insight is seeking a Content and Operations Assistant beginning immediately.

Reporting to the Director of Business Development, the Content and Operations Assistant is responsible for the development and management of content related to numerous publications, administration of social media accounts, and management of daily communications.


Responsibilities and daily tasks include, but are not limited to the following:

Social Media Management

  • Manage and monitor multiple social media accounts
  • Create, accumulate, and schedule relevant content across various channels
  • Oversee activities within the Global Community and ensure activities are in line with strategy, adhere to brand voice and follow guidelines and best practices
  • Observe and respond to trends through monitoring analytical insights

Content Management

  • Write, review, edit, and update substantive materials (i.e. news, previews, reviews, interviews, think-pieces)
  • Obtain and publish relevant content from external sources, including training materials, practice manuals, news coverage, etc.
  • Work with campaign and policy contributors to identify gaps in available resources and develop appropriate content to fill those gaps


  • Cultivate and foster relationships with EDM industry professionals including artists, managers, media contacts, record label owners, public relations associates, etc.
  • Manage day to day relationship with agencies to develop copy and content
  • Recruit and manage staff writers and photographers
  • Manage master editorial calendar, drive the big ideas and concepts of engagement and set the overall tone and direction of the community
  • Coordinate website feedback systems
  • Web Development
  • Assist with basic formatting and content input


Work with Ambition Insight leaders to understand business goals and translate those objectives into appropriate actions and initiatives

Success Criteria

The Content and Operations Assistant is measured on their ability to continually increase engagement across all platforms, as well as the increase in new prospects into the enterprise through the consistent development and deployment of content to each persona group. Success criteria include:

  • Positive brand recognition and consistency across chosen published channels
  • An increase in defined customer engagement metrics (measured by users taking the desired action. i.e. conversions, subscription, purchase, etc.)
  • Website and social media traffic growth
  • Conversion metrics definition and growth
  • Social media positive sentiment metrics
  • Increases in key search engine keyword rankings
  • Clearly defining content distribution during particular stages of the buying cycle (lead nurturing)
  • Identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities through content analysis, and deploying content assets for higher conversion rates
  • Primary criteria for success are customer and employee affinity; Success is measured around lifetime customer value, customer satisfaction, and employee advocacy

Job Requirements


  • Must be at least 18 years of age and legally authorized for employment in the United States
  • Relocation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Open minded, with an insatiable appetite for learning
  • Must possess exceptional written and communication skills, be able to effectively collaborate with a team, and adhere to strict deadlines; Knowledge of electronic dance music and thatDROP.com’s brand is a must.
  • Knowledge of computers and the internet; Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Superior time management skills. Ability to juggle multiple projects at once while satisfying deadlines
  • Familiar with multiple social media channels
  • Enthusiasm for the use of technology in the delivery of content, discussion about substantive issues
  • Work well on a team and be willing to pitch in however needed to accomplish the goals of the organization
  • Demonstrated commitment to our mission and goals
  • Open to direction, constructive criticism, and collaborative work style
  • Ability to examine situations from several points of view
  • Must be creative and able to recognize and nurture creative ability in others
  • Passion, Integrity, and Energy!
  • High comfort level working in a home office environment
  • Content production, editing and publishing experience a plus



  • Tiered Earning Structure
  • Press accommodation to electronic dance music festivals and events
  • Extensive training in web development, social media management, online publishing, marketing and sales strategy
  • Relaxed home office work environment in sunny South Florida
  • Tremendous room for growth within company

How to Apply

Submit a 500-word writing sample on a topic related to electronic dance music, along with your resume and cover letter outlining why you are the ideal candidate for this opportunity.

The subject line of your email should read:“[Your Name], Content and Operations Assistant Application.” Applications may be alternatively submitted by completing the form below. There is no deadline to apply, but applications will be reviewed and considered in the order they are received.

About thatDROP.com/Ambition Insight

thatDROP.com is an online publication dedicated to sharing Electronic Dance Music, music festivals, EDM news, free EDM downloads, Media, PLUR and EDM culture. The site is managed by passionate EDM enthusiasts focusing on quality, unique, original content and community.

With viewership significantly increasing by the day, thatDROP is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading electronic dance music blogs in the landscape.

thatDROP’s Uniqueness in the Marketplace

thatDROP distinguishes itself within the marketplace through supreme quality, unparalleled website design, exceptional content and accessibility. Their skilled writers are concise and eloquent; avoiding negativity, dissenting opinion, and sensationalism. The site is dedicated to sharing electronic music and reporting objective news in a timely and relevant manner with a focus on spreading love and supporting all of our partners within the space.

The difference between us and other sources of media: if we disagree or dislike something, we don’t give it any attention. There are far too many people doing incredible, beautiful and inspiring things to waste time discussing the things we dislike.

The mission is to satisfy the consumer and strengthen the bond within the electronic dance music community, actively engaging the audience through multiple social media platforms, newsletters, and blog commentary.

thatDROP’s staff possesses an authentic voice; living and breathing the music, immersing themselves in the culture and constantly engaging their community on the front lines.

Company Profile

thatDROP.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ambition Insight, a Fort Lauderdale, FL web development and media agency founded, operated and owned by CEO Brett Napoli since 2007. After developing National & International clientele and personally building 200+ websites, Napoli created a small group of publishing websites in 2010 that served 250MM+ ad impressions and over 100MM+ pageviews in their first 20 months online.

As the electronic dance music scene continues to grow and evolve, thatDROP will be right there bringing you all things EDM.

Advertising Partnership with Complex Media

thatDROP is part of the Complex Media Network of premium quality websites. Named one of the Most Valuable Private Companies in the World by Business Insider, Complex Media is now the largest and most influential collection of sites targeted at 20-something males.

The partnership between Complex Media and thatDROP will help bridge the gap between advertisers and their target market while providing consumers with a user-friendly platform.