The Untz Festival 2016

We want to thank you for your interest in being part of the 2016 The Untz Festival Staff Program! With this being the first year of The Untz festival, we are looking for committed hardworking individuals that are excited to be apart of a brand new festival and willing to give it their all. We are looking for A+ individuals that are ready to see how impactful their time can be in the growth of this new festival.

Our mission is to place you in a position in which you can grow and learn both personally and professionally while assisting in fitting the pieces of The Untz Festival together. Being a part of The Untz volunteer program, you are an essential part in creating the vibe for The Untz attendees. WIth this being a first year festival, this is extremely important. We couldn’t be more grateful to have your support.

Please take a moment to review the important information below in regards to volunteering at The Untz Festival 2016.  All volunteers are required to follow the rules listed below.

I. Application Process –

Please submit the application, FOUND HERE!, to be considered as an official The Untz festival volunteer. We will let you know if you have been selected.

II. How it Works –

If you are selected as a staff member, you will need to purchase your staff discounted ticket at $150. If this ticket is not purchased before the festival, you will have to purchase a full price ticket. If you do not purchase a ticket, after the completion of each of your shifts, you will need to leave the premises immediately.

All staff members are required to work a minimum of 15 hours, three (5) hour shifts. After completion of your (3) shifts, you will be given a check for the time worked. If you are unable to complete your commitment of (3) 5 hour shifts, you will not be given a check at the end of your shift.

III. Work Trade Requirements –

All accepted staff members are required to attend the mandatory introductory meeting on June 1, 2016, and must complete (3) 5 hour shifts in order to get full compensation.

In order to get credit for your shift(s) you MUST:

* Be 18 years or older.
* Check in with the work trade coordinator 10 minutes before the start of your shift.
* Check out with the work trade coordinator upon completion of your shift.
* Arrive on-time and sober to your shift.
* Have a positive, hard-working mentality.
* Have appropriate dress/shoes (close-toed shoes) for the job you are assigned.
* You must complete 15 hours to receive your check in the amount of the purchased ticket. We make it our mission to create a balanced shift schedule that you will be able to learn from personally and professionally.

IV. Rules & Regulations –

* Alcohol or drug use during your shift is strictly prohibited.
* Illegal or unprofessional activity, including taking bribes (money, merchandise, etc.) while at or near The Untz Festival.
* Unauthorized selling (merchandise, tickets, passes, camping, alcohol, etc.) for personal gain or any other reason.
* Pets, kids under 18, fireworks, firearms, unauthorized vending, guerrilla sound and amplified music, off road vehicles, bicycles, scooters, skateboards are all strictly and expressly prohibited. A staff member engaged in illegal or unprofessional acts while representing The Untz Festival will be asked to leave and will not be accepted again in the work trade program.

Can you commit to a minimum of 15 hours?  If so, please fill out the form HERE!

If not, please email VolunteersTheUntzFestival@gmail.com with any questions/concerns before filling out the form.


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About The Untz Festival

Because we have cultivated such a strong fan base of festivalgoers and music snobs, it took us at The Untz quite a while to get into the game of throwing our own big event. We wanted to wait until we found just the right partners, just the right venue, and lined up just the right musicians. At the end of the day, it's all about the music. Our focus for this festival is to cultivate a sound that is uniquely our own, and also fits the sensibilities of our audience. For that reason, expect a ton of livetronica, glitch-hop, psychedelic bass, future funk, downtempo, and that electro-soul we love to love.

Just an hour from the mouth of Yosemite National Park, folks looking for an excuse to escape to the breath-taking forests of NorCal just found one. With four stages, including two indoor late-night stages that go all night long, and a special pre-party on June 2, it will be the intimate camping experience set against a beautiful backdrop you've been looking for.