Hi we are CapBrothers

We are an EDM Producer/Dj duo from Denmark

We produce bigroom and “groove” edm in the style of Hardwell,Blasterjaxx and W&W

We are both 23 years old.

We are looking for a agent who will start from the buttom as we did and together we will create the next big generation of EDM Music

We have a lot of experince in Denmark, but Denmark isn’t really an EDM country.

This means that we are looking to play wordwide (no limits)

If you think you will be able to get EDM Dj gigs for us don’t hesitate to contact us!


Then we will offer professional producer and Dj skill!

We have a lot of new music coming this summer (2017) (Spotify, Tidal, Itunes etc)

Please notice that the “released” tracks is just for fun, and is nothing near what we actually will release ?

We hope someone will give os a chance you won’t regret it once! ?

Best wishes

The CapBrothers