Job Description:
A blog/magazine reporter writes features, stories and columns for magazines. They interview people and turn their interviews into compelling stories for their readers. They have strong editing and proofreading skills and are able to take on multiple tasks at once. They are assigned stories from an editor and given a deadline by which to complete it. They might be required to travel for an assignment or cover a photo shoot, press conference, red carpet event or arrange a phone interview with sources. Magazine journalists tend to be independent workers who are able to work with a team for their particular magazine’s vision. Magazine reporters can be hired on as full-time staff writers or work on a freelance basis depending on their area of expertise.

The duties of a magazine reporter vary depending on seniority and job title. Overall, magazine reporters must follow and adhere to deadlines, pitch story ideas to their editor, cultivate sources, fact check their articles and adhere to their company’s style guide. Magazine journalists have more time to cultivate a story than journalists in daily publication newsrooms, so they must be able to pull together various sources for their stories. They have strong communication skills and are willing to do what it takes to secure sources and original angles for their story.

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