We are looking for brand ambassador to expand our company globally! People interested in working wih us will have the opportunity to gain experience with founders of growing tech company focused on event and party industry. If you’re into parties and tech that’s the perfect position to start your career with.

About Tuurnt

There's a P2P for everything but not for parties and events with that real time feeling…. that's when Tuurnt comes in. Tuurnt enable everyone globally knowing where the party is at instead of just relying on word to mouth.

Tuurnt enable anyone who needs extra income to organize and host an events of any type from the comfort of their home and people nearby will see that event in real time through photos videos and comments that people from the event will post. Party seekers on Tuurnt can book and pay any event easily thought the app and can also provide feedbacks about the event with likes and dislikes.