Seeking highly motivated and qualified entry level candidates for a manager assistant position you will be working along side the founder of the company/ Artist manager must be passionate about dance music Organized and willing to learn you will be working remotely Macbook or iMac is required Preferably candidates who are in or around the Los Angeles area. This is will start off as an internship

Send Resumes to : Silvana@WeRunSociety.com

About We Run Society

At We Run Society we look to advocate the top Artists and also throw premier events around the world. We want to push more than a brand or create a simple network, We want to create a coalition of as many different people with diverse backgrounds so we can expand into every market in hopes that we can change someones life with music as it did for us. WRS does not limit itself, as with music we are constantly changing, growing, and learning; with that anybody that enjoys music can be apart of our movement, WRS represents every music lover! There are billions people who listen to music and through music they have shaped society and we are intent on reaching them because We Are Society!