It is in anticipation of a busy year 2017 and with a great pleasure that Worka Tune Recordings declare themselves looking for a new partner! Any candidate meeting the following criteria is highly encouraged to apply:

– Having the desire of promoting music that he/she enjoys
– Being able to understand and speak in English
– Having been part of the electronic scene [progressive, electro, house] for at least 2 years
– Being present on social networks and understand the way they function
– Being aware that no remuneration is currently planned [as for the rest of the team]

In addition, an understanding of the French language would be highly appreciated in order to make communication easier.

The job done as a member of the team is truly varied and optimized according to the members’ facilities; with finding new talents, promoting a record and social networks management being a part of it. The amount of work being very varied, it becomes quite little depending on the ability of distributing missions.

As you may have noticed during the past years, Worka Tune is a label about enthuasiasm and giving musicians an opportunity to release their music. The same mentality goes to selecting a new member. Therefore we insist on the fact that our remuneration is the satisfaction of giving an opportunity to a person we consider deserving.

If you consider that your profile matches the one we are looking for, please mind submitting your application to jobs@workatune.com before Wednesday, 1st February.



Worka Tune is an electronic music label based in France and Switzerland due to its two owners' location. It was launched in 2013 to promote young and talented producers. Artists such as Aevion (Spinnin’), LarsM (Armada), Waysons (Revealed), Rudy Zensky (Smash The House), Antoine Delvig (Spinnin') and RetroVision (Warner) have already released tracks on the label. Our philosophy as a small-mid label is to leave as much freedom as we can to our artists. You can choose the platform to release your record, release it for free and so on.

Send us your demos: demo@workatune.com