Since first picking up a turntable in 2004 then obtaining a music production degree head of class in 2014, my travels have brought me from living in Ibiza to Las Vegas working with some of the most talented people in our industry.  The time has come to put my experience and drive to work and start my own project, a artist I am calling “Your Dad”.

This project is fresh with mass appeal (EDM) and has a number of distinguishing features that separate the Your Dad experience from the rest in the industry.   Having already shot a short film for the Your Dad release this next year, I am neck deep in all the subtleties that go into launching a successful new brand.  Success is not a question, rather a matter of time and having the right driven people on the Your Dad team now will ensure a successful launch and career this next year.

Want to see and hear the future of EDM? Think you have the skills and drive to turn Your Dad into a international success?  Great, we want to meet you, share some music and hear your ideas.

Apply through christo@yourdad.rocks    If possible, include your CV/Resume