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About Your Ghost Production

YourGhostProduction.com is the first premium ghost production platform, offering tracks produced by award-winning artists. Our team has years of experience working with major record labels and entertainment companies. We focus on quality and provide our customers with ready-to-release tracks.


Up until now, buyers of Ghost Produced songs had to dig through a sea of average produced tracks to find one that could be used commercially.

Your Ghost Production by enabling producers to unlock their creative process while offering its customers the highest quality tracks available on the market divides the two types of Ghost Production and gives both the producer and client a choice. The clients no longer have to search through a long list of tracks, instead, any of the Premium tracks they choose can be released commercially without additional touch-ups.


Both our Premium as well as Royalty-free music library are popular among

DJs, Artists, Influencers, Advertising agencies, Video games, Film Companies & Music Producers who are stuck with an idea or are dealing with a ‘Producer’s Block’. Besides our Library, we also provide a custom track section directly on the website called "The Lab" where members can request a custom song from scratch or edit, mix & master any tracks they might be working on.