First of all I’m a profound music lover and despite the tremendous competition that I’m up against, nothing will discourage me from pursuing my dream of a career in the music industry.
Since my adolescence I’ve spent a lot of time hearing music and searching for the news releases especially nowadays trough the well known social network connected to the music ( Beatport, soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify..).

In addition of a lifetime of collecting and listening I’ve worked for several years (and I still collaborate with them sometimes) with WOO! Agency (Naples-IT) that organize music events and festivals with guests of international renown.
During that time I’ve dealt with all the aspects regarding the organization of events; the choose of locations, coordination of public relations, sponsorship management and other activities of a tour manager.
Before I decided that I wanted to make of my passion for music my job, I’ve also worked in different contexts and sectors ( as you can see on my CV ).
During all those experiences I have learned to organize in an efficient way the resources in achieving company’s goal and helping the team with task completion.
I became able to adapt effectively to challenging and emergency situations and to manage with success situation of high stress, both physical and psychological.
I’m fluent in English (written and spoken), excellent in Spanish while my French and German are an intermediate level, B2 the first one, C1 the second one.
I obtained the ECDL (European computer driving license) and I’m proficient with Office software.