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Outstanding student with experience in information technologies, communication and marketing sales seeks opportunity to learn and improve his knowledge and skills in the work place.

I consider myself as an outstanding student with experience in information technologies, communication, and marketing sales, I seek an opportunity to learn and improve my skills by attending your 8-week internship program where there will be students with same interests as me and ideals about our educational goals.



TecMilenio High School in Mexico

August 2013-2015, completed freshman through junior year in a school in Mexico.
Norte Vista High School

August 2016-presen. Currently enrolled in Advanced Placement Statistics, and Economics.
Graduation date: June 1st, 2017.
G.P.A. 3.65. Top 25% of class.
Riverside City College

February 2017-June 2017, enrolled in a college class studying Introduction to business in a High School Concurrent Enrollment program.



Tech & Affairs TecMilenio Staff member, Hometown High school

Aug 2014 – 2015. I joined a class in which, I could use my creativity with different students to promote the High School’s events through the campus and helped by giving support to presenters with the material that was used for speeches and talks.

Aug 2013 – Aug 2015.  Assisted classmates with technical support and programming related. My focus was digital media, and marketing which helped to have an effective campaign to promote school activities through the campus about the large variety of activities provided at school.
AYA (Adelante Youth Alliance) Conference

November 2016, attended a variety of workshops presented by Latino professionals on education, careers, financial aid and personal development.
University of California, Riverside P.O.D.E.R. conference

November 2016, attended, and participated in conferences learning about higher education, financial aid, and advocacy.



Human Rights Club

September 2016-present, communications leader of the club where we seek to provide of a safe environment for LGBTQ members, and to promote unity.
Track and Field

August 2016-present, I joined the team, and have been actively participated in different events in the last months.



Hospital del Nino Dr.  Rodolfo Nieto Padron, and Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad “Dr. Juan Graham Casasús

July 2015-2016, self-volunteered with children who had cancer, and other illnesses. Also, I provided some food to people who waited outside of the facilities for many hours, to be able to see a relative, or to get delayed medicine.



Information technologies and marketing development, Website development; economics, statistics; anthropology: culture and social science, communications, universal writers.







  • communications
  • drawing
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • website developer


Norte Vista High School

2013-2017 High School

When in High School, I applied for the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program which allows me to take college classes (Riverside City College) Introduction to Business, and Principles of International Business.