Within the past three years of freelancing as a photographer and minor budget video producer for different artists in the urban community, forced to work closely with various managers/management groups and artists, I have caught an interest for how projects are executed with many premeditated ideas behind a body of sonic and visual experiences to showcase to the world via the endless amounts of platforms that the internet provides today. As a student of the business, I am actively seeking a position at a record label, management/agency companies, or other music related jobs with intentions of one day finding talent, bringing that talent together with other creative resources (producers, writers, directors, etc), and hopefully fulfill the artists dreams of becoming a hit. Aside from overseeing all visual content for a local artist named Andre Damar and New Jersey native Dougie F, I was given the privilege to join them in their studio sessions as they were working on projects that are both set to release this summer. Through this opportunity I have been able to apply lessons I’ve learned from A&Rs who have been doing so for some time, to these artists. This would include supplying instrumentals that I saw fit, aiding and inspiring the writing process, and helping strategize releases and artwork. However, in addition to having a prescient ear and mind for musical talent, I believe that an A&R should also be able to look at an artist’s situation from a bird’s eye view and connect the dots with their resources. With that said, all that I’ve learned and realized has led me to believe that I am ready for a position to take what I’ve learned and commit myself to a career of discovering and developing talent. I thank you for your time to look over my resume and cover letter and hope that they have stuck out in one way or another. My contact information is in the top right hand side of my resume so please feel free to contact me at any time.