Amber Victoria Williams, (239)728-7507
Asheville, NC


University of North Carolina at Asheville
BS in Biology; Ecology and Evolution. GPA: 3.1
AB Tech Community College
AA in Arts. GPA: 3.7

I. Employment:

F.L.O.W Event Services LLC
Administrative Director
March 2012-Present
(Position is part-time)
-Manages client communication via email, phone, and Skype for initial contact and contract specifications. Responsible for all staff incident report compilations and client satisfaction follow through post event.
-Creates and edits client contracts through Google Docs. Contracts made with event based assessments including: staff numbers, equipment needs, travel expenses, staffing duties/specifications, client requests, etc.
– Oversees website upkeep, adding content and changing site dynamics as needed. Manages company facebook page.

Logistics Assistant
(Position is event specific)
-Inventories equipment before and after events. Acts as Quarter Master for company equipment as needed.
-Assists in loading and unloading of equipment, site mapping, and logistical evaluations before, during, and after an event.

Box Office Manager
August 2012- Present
(Position is event specific)
-Consults with event management staff to plan and implement box office needs and logistics.
-Manages company staff and volunteers to ensure box office proceedings run efficiently and safely. Acts as security and event staff laison for all gate/box office operations.
-Coordinate box office staff schedules and responsibilities in preparation for and during events.

New Mountain Asheville

Assistant Production, Booking Manager
August 2012-August 2014
-Serves in roles and responsibilities shared by those of the active manager at all times, serving to supplement the manager’s workload. Responsibilities include: equipment load in/load out oversight, artist relations and hospitality, contract settlement and payouts, venue security management, SOP enforcer, law enforcement laison etc.
-Manages venue events when the primary production manager is out of town, and act as this manager’s assistant at all other times.

Environmental Quality Institute

Volunteer Water Information Network (VWIN), Laboratory Analyst
January 2014-June 2014
– Trains in various lab testing techniques, mainly conducting PH and turbidity analysis.
– Responsible for unpacking samples post lab delivery, sorting, and storing them according to various testing protocol.

Stream Monitoring Information Exchange, Outreach Assistant
January 2014-June 2014
-Works with stream monitoring program staff to coordinate sampling dates and training sessions.
-Works in upkeep of program administrative tasks.
-Develop and distribute promotional and outreach material when needed.

The Dogwood Alliance
May 2012- August 2012
-Serves as fundraiser for the team’s exhibitions during the summer canvassing initiative.
-Maps neighborhood fundraising areas.
-Drafts outreach literature used by canvassers in the field.

Outreach Intern, Paper Packaging Campaign
March 2011-August 2011
-Works with community education and outreach through oral presentations and community interaction.
-Involved in negotiations between target companies and Dogwood Alliance concerning use of FSC certified paper products.
II. Community Service, Leadership:

Active Students for a Healthy Environment at UNC Asheville
August 2012-July 2013
– Manage all responsibilities endowed upon the student organization.
– Supply event and contract proposals to the university on a regular basis.
– Submit budget plans.
– Organize trips and retreats for organization members.

UNC Asheville
2012-2013 Academic Year
“Community Connections of the Year Award”
– Exemplary students recognized who participate in leadership and inspire students to take an active role in the community.
III. Dance:
Amber started her dance education as a youth at Cypress Lake Center for the Arts where she studied Dance throughout middle and high school. She continued her training in college at UNC Asheville where she became certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and began teaching yoga and cardio dance. Currently, Amber offers workshops and classes in Dance Fitness, Movement Meditation/Body Awareness, Flow Arts, and Choreography.

Dance Credentials
• Liquid Motion, Certified Instructor : Jan 2016-present
• Empyrean Arts, Instructor : Aug 2015-present
• Asheville Aerial Arts, Entertainer : Nov 2014-present
• Trillium Dance Company, Member : Fall 2014-Fall 2015
• Flirty Pop Cardio Dance, Founder and Instructor : Fall 2013- present
• Jazzy Showgirl and Les Femmes Mystiques, Troupe Member : Summer 2013-Spring 2014


  • admin
  • box office
  • communication
  • dancer
  • logistics
  • management
  • Stylist


UNC Asheville

2011-2014 Bachelor of Science; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

2009-2011 Associate of Arts


Flow Event Services LLC

2012-present Administrative Director, Logistics Assistant, Arts Coordinator

My current job is part time. I am available for contracted work, extra part time work, and travel.

New Mountain Music Venue

2012-2015 Please see resume for extensive industry experience!