Dear Hiring Manager,


I am presently seeking a position within the hospitality field which is closely aligned with my passion, previous work experience and educational background.


While I currently enjoy working at my current employers company, ultimately I know my heart wants to follow a different path and passion and I believe joining a bigger company, such as yours, aligns with my interests and desires. My current position at the Star casino has provided me with the opportunity to work in different departments such as bartending at 24/7 Sports Bar, VIP Services at Sovereign and Oasis Lounge, and Hostess and Cocktail Server on the Main Gaming Floor.

In addition I also have excellent interpersonal skills and 7 years’ experience in customer service and hospitality – working in many hospitality organisations, starting at McDonalds, and moving on to restaurants, café’s, pubs and the Casino. I am accustomed to working weekends and after-hours, as it is necessary in the hospitality field.

My energetic and positive personality allows me to work well with others while still displaying a hard work ethic and professional demeanour. I am confident that my education, abilities and passion for events will make me an asset to your organisation.

Although I currently reside in Sydney, I am willing and have always wanted to relocate to Miami.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours respectfully,

Anastasia Karpoukhina