Andres Vela
11701 Palm Lake Dr apt. 1820 Jacksonville, FL 32218 ● (305) 342 -4258 ● ​
Recent computer engineer graduate looking for an entry level job in order to expand my software
development skills and acquire knowledge on different engineering fields with the goal of starting a
career.Main interest in Embedded Systems, IT, Network security, and Programming. Currently in
Florida but willing to relocate anywhere in the United States.
Programming (Python, Assembly, C, C++, Java, JSON), Penetration Testing (software and hardware
hacking), Programing microprocessor (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, C.H.I.P), Experience with Linux
(Ubuntu, Debian, Kali)
● Developed a Real-TIme Language Translator using Raspberry Pi microprocessor and Python.
Successfully programmed peripherals to the Raspberry PI such as microphone and speakers.
Incorporated several APIs including Google Translate and Festival Text-To-Speech.
● Smart Thermostat. Programmed a Raspberry Pi with a temperature, humidity and pressure
sensor to record values and send them to a web server in JSON format. Then using rest APIs
developed an android app using Android Studios to allow the user to obtain the values store on
the web server and display them on their smartphones.
● Developed Wi-Fi Penetration testing tool using ESP 2866 and Python. The tool served as a
Wi-Fi jammer and performed several attacks to test the security of the network.
● Developed Ethereum Token cryptocurrency using C++. Successfully added it to the main
network and its currently on wallets such as MyEtherwallet and MetaMask.
● Created several Python scripts to incorporate tools such as weather, movies and stocks to the
command line.
● Created autonomous robot using Arduino and proximity sensors. The robot successfully
navigated through a maze using proximity sensors to detect when it had an obstacle on its way
and adjust its course accordingly.
Florida International University – Miami, FL
(Dec. 2017)
Bachelor of Science: Computer Engineering
Current GPA: 2.8/4.0
Work Experience
Aqualogica – Quito, Ecuador
(Jan. 2013 – May. 2013)
Sales Associate
● Organized the sales department into teams in order to expand and sell our product at key
locations, such as schools, malls and parks.
● Designed a logo using photoshop that was both appealing to the customer and unique to make
our product stand out.
● Successfully sold product at malls and plazas resulting in an increase of stock value
Taco Bell FIU
(Aug. 2016 – Dec. 2017)
Crew Member
Took necessary steps to meet customers needs and effectively resolved food service issues. I have
work at the registers and kitchen.●

Programmed computer software to include latest items on the menu and correct prices.
Programmed mobile application Tapingo to allow customers to order online.
Communicated with my team honestly during each shift to improve efficiency and teamwork.
Reported to each shift on time and ready to work.
Leadership Experience
Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity
● Developed the website for ZBT FIU.
Dance Marathon Chairman
(Jan. 2016 – May. 2016)
24 hour Marathon Benefiting The Children’s Hospital
● Organized the brothers to fundraise and be able to attend the event.
● Participated in Dance Marathon and achieved our fundraising goal.
● Communicated with the brothers to motivate them to achieve their fundraising goal and ways
that they could achieve this goal.
Community Service Experience
Volunteer as translator for Canadian Doctors
(Jan. 2013 – May. 2013)
● Served as a translator for a team of Canadian Doctors who performed hip transplants to
patients with no knowledge of the English language.
● Assisted the patients with physical therapy by going on walks and using stairs to assure the hip
was properly placed to avoid any further complications.
Volunteer for Habitat For Humanity
(Jan. 2013 – May. 2013)
● Organized fundraisers to collect money to donate to Habitat For Humanity. Traveled to poverty
stricken villages were we build several houses using the money we fundraised in order to
donate to families from those villages.


Florida International University

Aug. 2013 - Dec. 2017 Bachelor of Science