Communications professional with unique ability to craft communications plans, messaging and actions that advance FMC’s reputation and visibility with critical internal and external stakeholders. This role involves supporting a wide array of internal and external initiatives, including but not limited to:

External Communications
– Advance FMC’s reputation and increase its visibility through different channels, including
1) Press Releases
2) Website
3) Social Media

Employee Communications
– Solicit, identify, develop, write and publish internal news articles that highlight current events, major business changes, new company initiatives and other significant developments that employees either need to know or act upon.

Community Relations
– Provide tactical and execution support for FMC’s global philanthropic activities and employee engagement opportunities


  • Experience in Event Planning and Social Media
  • Fluent in French
  • Proficient in most Microsoft Office Programs


Swarthmore College

2010/2014 BA Political Science; History


FMC Corporation

2014 Communications Specialist