Austin Jones(Ossy Oneal) **Google me

Maylene, AL 35114


I run my own independent music situation**

I also won number semi finalist in the international vocalist competition and I’m a dancer, rapper, beat boxer and model too. I also play some piano, and am a 5 star producer. I have many connects and I can take you right to the top in Europe and in America on Radio and TV. Work Experience Pop, Gospel, Country, Hip Hop and R&B Singer/Songwriter/producer for Ossy Oneal Music

Number 8 on the Euro Indie Music Chart, Number 8 on the Play MPE radio chart, the Digital Radio Charts, the charts, Cashbox charts, radio world international charts, and global top 150 independent. On the Amada Records Compilation Album Deal – A partner with Musik and Film, Music Registery, and Play MPE(CAn use my accounts for promotion)


Some college

Skills Keyboardist/producer/vocalist/rapper/beat-boxer/dancer athletic and a keen eye



Ossy Oneal

Member of the Recording Acadamy

Phone Number: 2052405861


University Of Alabama

2010-2012 Some College

Full Sail

2010- 2011 Some College (Recording Arts)