Although I do not have any previous professional experience in the music industry, I have immersed myself in the culture for many years now. I attend as many shows and music festivals as i possibly can currently and have realized that I want to take the age old adage to heart, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I absolutely love music and to build a career in the music industry would be a dream come true. My lack of experience in the music industry is made up for with hard work, strong work ethics, and determination to be the best no matter what. No task is too difficult, no challenge too large, especially with the power of music behind me. Music is the most beautiful thing this world has to offer and the least I can do is offer everything I can do to to give back to the music.


California State University-Chico

2011-2013 Political Science, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Diablo Valley College

2008-2011 AA


ABC News

2014 Production Assistant

-Building clip reels (with minor editing) for reporters and sending to P2 cards
-Restoring video footage
-Ingesting tape using VTR
-Teleprompting during live broadcasts
-Printing and assembling scripts
-Transcribing important statements, conferences, etc
-Answering daily phone calls

Neiman Marcus

2014-2014 Sales Support

-Providing superior logistical expertise
-Excellent customer support through a great customer experience
-Superb sales support through unprecedented attention to detail
-Shipping and receiving

Community Legal Information Center

2013-2013 Legal Intern

– Community Outreach
– Donation gathering
– Fundraising
– Brand recognition
– Customer service and communication skill building through receiving donations
– Event planning

Friedman Aviation Enterprises

2006-2011 Aircraft Mechanic Apprentice

– Mastered riveting, brazing, and sheet-metal equipment
– Assisted FAA certificated mechanics in performing annual inspections and sheet-metal repairs on general aviation aircraft
– Developed valuable project management and time management skills