Increased back of house gross profit by 40%

Developed concierge event program

Elevated guest relations

Created a harmonious work environment

Effectively managed 150 employees

Designed VIP based on events vision

Elevated  brand standards

Created implemented online advertising campaigns

Managed design calendaring

Coordinating set up and breakdown

Organized inventory storage

National event staffing

Artist hospitality management


Professional Summary








VIP Design

Buying and ordering decor

Guest relations

Back of House marketing strategies

Upholding culture

Meeting quarterly and annual budget goals.

Created design boards


Oversee VIP  guest relation

Creative and innovative




, CA 92656 | (C) 714.833.9997 |








































Social media engagement

Market research

Story development and brand management

Sales strategies

Special events planning

E-mail and direct mail marketing campaigns

Industry analyst relations

Sales training

Marketing plan development



March 2009


Work History


VIP Hospitality Manager                                                                                                               02/2013

Premier Media Production – Orange , CA

Achieved high customer satisfaction for by VIP guest and artist through providing a concierge service.

Providing a clean well designed relaxing back of house retreat.

Designed planned and purchased all decor for back of house VIP at each event.

Hired and managed back of house team.

Collaborated with vendors to ensure the delivery of efficient, high-quality products in a timely manner.

Coordinated the meet and greets with photographers and posted on social media.

Increased back of house profit on each event up to $75,000.00

Director of set up and breakdown of all VIP areas.

Facilitator of communication between  artiest team and production company.



Event Manager                                                                                                                             01/2008

Pureform – Denver, Montreal, Orange County, CA

•  Designed backstage artist area

•  Purchased décor and organized set up

•  National event staffing across the country for temporary placement

•  Responsible for brand and product development

•  Created and implemented online advertising campaigns

•  Maintained media and sponsorship relationships

•  Managed nationwide print materials for various events

•  Track online and radio marketing campaigns

•  Artist hospitality

•  Contract management

•  Travel arrangements




BBA: Business Management

American InterContinental University – IL




IL Bachelors in Business Management


Premier Media Production

Feb, 2013 VIP Hospitality Manager

I have been working events in the hospitality industry for over 12 years and love being involved creating new experiences for all guests and artists. I have been lucky enough to working with some of the biggest production companies in the US.