·         To pursue the field of Audio, work in a variety of setting involving audio, and enhance my skills and gain knowledge in all aspects.



·         The Art Institute of California – Inland Empire San Bernardino

§  Degree: Associate in Audio Production                                    (July 2011 – Graduated)

·         Sierra High School, San Bernardino, California                                      (Graduated May 2011)



•    Recoding Vocals, Guitar, Bass

•    Music Mixing

•    Microphone Placement

•    Knowledge of EQ & Compression

•    Basic Circuitry & Schematics Knowledge

•    Focusrite Satffire Pro 40

•    SSL Board

•    Patch Bay Knowledge

•    MIDI Keyboard

•    Digidesign C24 Console

•    Making a Tube Screamer Pedal
•    Pro Tools

•    Ableton Live 9

•    Apple Final Cut Pro

•    Apple Logic Pro 9

•    Waves Plugins

•    Sound toys Plugins



·         Excellent organization and communication skills.

·         Strong work ethics, highly motivated and self-discipline.

·         Excellent knowledge of recording studio operations.

·         Excellent working knowledge in the setup of audio equipment: 8 and 12-channel soundboard, amplifiers,           microphones, loudspeakers, and related technology.

·         Excellent knowledge in guitar, able to restring and solder wires etc.

Creative Experience

·         Audio Visual Technician – On Fire Ministries

§  Responsible for accurate and timely setup, operation, and breakdown of audiovisual equipment.

§  Managed all audio job that were required for church event to be ready,

§  managed all levels and EQ for microphones and instruments, troubleshooted any problems that went wrong.

·         Mixing, Mastering Engineer

§  Mixed and Mastered a song for a client’s projects

Work Experience

·         Forest Service Department – South Zone Fire Cache

06/28/2016 to 10/28/16

•         Logistics for forest service.

•         inspect tools and material need for firefighters.

•         properly tested water Hoses, and Tanks

•         clean sleeping pads, tents, chairs, tables, and uniforms

•         set up kit items to be ready to be sent out.

•         picked and consolidated fire orders.

·         Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse

§  Warehouse On5

05/11/2014 to 10/28/2014

o   Sort Center where we would sort out all order and get them ready for post office.

o   Problem Solve trained to replace items or rebox items if box were damaged.

o   Would use Center Rider to send pallets to destination.

o   Wrap pallet that were all stacked and ready to be sent out.

§  Warehouse Ont9

10/28/2014 to 05/08/2015

o   Picker for the floor and for Order Picker

o   Packed trained

o   Sort all Mech items in team Mech Dock to get ready to send out

o   Team lift support On Center Rider

§  Warehouse Ont8

08/06/2015 to 01/08/2016

o   Each to Sort Where we would receive and sort out all products that came in the warehouse.

o   Use RC Forklift to load and unload trucks.


·         Foursquare On Fire Ministries Church                             (November -2011 January 2016)

§ Live Sound Tech
§ Guitar Player/ Tech
§ Room Treatment
§ Soldering Cables
§ Sound Engineer
§ Set Up and Breakdown P.A System


·         Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal M.I. San Bernardino

§  Guitar Player




  • Av Technician
  • communications
  • Foley
  • live sound
  • Mic Placements
  • Mixing engineer
  • recording engineer
  • Soldering Cables
  • sound design


The Art Institute Of California - Inland Empire

July 2011/ May 2014 Audio Production Associates Degree