Music is my passion, I’ve always loved finding new music in a broad spectrum of different genres. From classical/piano to the most brutal industrial filth you can find. Almost every day I try to find new artists and labels with unique sounds that tickles my ears.

My experience in managing a Youtube channel is quite expansive. I’m currently managing my own promotional channel focusing on Uplifting Trance (OrbitualTrance), whereas I’m uploading daily and have permission by a bunch of labels to do so. I try to make the audiovisual experience as professional looking as possible (just changed the whole concept of how my videos look), and fit in with the music – i.e. fit the emotion you get from the song/how the song sounds, with the background picture.
As you can see in my videos, I have experience in both After Effects and Photoshop, to some extent.

My internet speed is 100/100Mb/s

I do however not have Facebook, but that can easily be fixed.

Please let me know if you are interested through my email ( And have a nice day!