Why would I be an asset to the Insomniac video crew?  I can answer this question with a plethora of answers. The main reason is my love for these events and the positive effect that they have on the communities that they come to. I wish to help you show the world this.

To begin, ever since my very first event, EDC 2012, I have always had a love for the Insomniac world. Immediately, I was emerged into an atmosphere of acceptance and creativity. The festival brought me a new perspective of life and taught me the meaning of togetherness. Since then, I have traveled to many festivals including Beyond, Nocturnal, and Electric Forest. I have visited these festivals not only for the experience, but in hopes to spread these beautiful moments that I have experienced with the world.

Alongside my love for these amazing events, I have a strong passion for shooting and editing video. I am on the path to finishing college with a Certificate of Achievement in Film and Videography, by May of 2017. I find great joy in being behind the camera and capturing unforgettable moments to be relived later.

To continue, shooting video at Insomniac events has always been a fun hobby of mine. When I show people my completed video projects of these events, the reactions on their faces are the reason why I love to do this. Just knowing that I opened their minds and helped them have a better understanding of what kind of beautiful and inspiring things happen during these events, is enough to make me want to strive to become a part of this team!  As I continued to go to events I noticed that I became harder and harder to bring in my professional camera; but I wouldn’t let that stop me.  With a pretty decent camera I was still able to capture some pretty cool footage Insomniac experiences.

To conclude, I have an extraordinary amount of love for Insomniac and all that they do. It would an amazing opportunity to become a part of such a talented and inspiring crew, spreading a beautiful movement.  I have attached a few video links of some of the Insomniac events I have attended and was able to capture on video.


  • Listed in attached resume ; includes experience with video programs and cameras.


College of Southern Nevada

2013-2016 3 years

listed in attached resume


Vegas Weddings

2015-2016 Videographer/Editor

listed in attached resume