My name is Cole Nidiffer and I have been actively studying sound design for three years. I find that I have a great passion and a strong infinity for it. I love music, sound, and even the physics and technical aspects of it. I began playing guitar when I was 9 and continued through all four years of high school in the jazz band. Outside of school I put together and played in several different bands. While a sophomore in high school I was offered my first paid “sound engineer” job as the theater sound and light technician working on a small 24 channel sound board and outdated computer light program and was hooked.

While in high school I began to dabble and gain interest for working with electronics and microcomputer components. I was enrolled in a circuitry and microcomputers class in high school where i learned a bit about basic programming and circuit building. During this time I worked for a Laser Tag company who hired me to build Laser Tag Phasers and Battle Suits!! I picked up a little bit of soldering knowledge and got to work on bigger projects than what I would have ever seen in my high-school class.

After high school graduation I began serious study at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado where I took all of the Audio Engineering and Computer Music Applications classes available to me. The following summer I worked under my instructor helping him build a professional-grade home studio and working with him on projects in his studio.

Wanting to continue my education and experience I discovered KMG Life in Boulder, Colorado. They had just begun their Recording Arts and Business Program (RAAB) and I immediately applied and was accepted. In this program I encountered many great opportunities, experiences and met many super awesome and talented people! I learned hands on at KMG to track, mix and operate Pro Tools easily. Since KMG is a state of the art, fully functioning studio I had the opportunity to learn on amazing equipment and have tracked many bands. I have even rewired one of their studio rooms console. During my year there I’ve discovered a have an affinity for trouble shooting and have really enjoyed my time there learning from some grade-A engineers. I graduated from the KMG program in July 2017 with a certificate in Audio Engineering and I am ready and excited to take on the world of audio!


  • DAW Savvy
  • hard working
  • Quick Learning
  • Studio and Live Sound Experience


KMG Academy

June 2016/ July 2017 Extensive Microphone knowledge, Protools and Ableton Savvy, Experience with Live sound and In-studio clients