Professional Summary

Highly skilled and talented Audio Technician with experience in the professional, audio, and computer technology field. Highly proficient on both Mac & PC platforms as well as industry software such as MS Office and PowerPoint AVID Pro Tools and more. Self-motivated and can work well in teams or independently. Adapts quickly to emerging technology and new information. Possesses excellent problem solving, multitasking, and refined troubleshooting skills. Committed to providing the highest possible standards of quality to a broad range of clients.

Core Qualifications

Audio Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Professional Recording Engineer

Professional Qualifications

Extensive training and knowledge of audio components
Experienced in setting up complex audio arrangements
Strong technical abilities to set up most manner of audio equipment
Excellent repair and troubleshooting skills

Key Skills

Hugely talented in sound technology
Fully conversant with editing software and equipment
Superior visual and hearing ability
Ability to operate audio mixing software on diverse Operating Systems



  • Arrangement Assistance
  • editing
  • mastering
  • mixing
  • production
  • Quantizing
  • recording
  • Time coding
  • Tuning



Present Audio Engineer

Providing necessary technical support for conferences, meetings, classes and corporate-wide broadcasts
Mixing and recording sounds for diverse programs
Editing recordings and processing it using software such as Pro Tools
Eliminating sound duplicity
Instructing junior technicians in setting up audio systems, sessions, and setups

Unique Studio's

Present Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Providing required technical support to audio technicians and systems
Editing work on computer using computer software
Setting up of LCD projectors for video presentations and video conferences
Setting up of wired and wireless microphones for audio performances, recording sessions, and live conferences