DAVID JACOB AREVALO  6615 Franklin Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90028| 619.987.5098 |



COMPETENCIES               •  Operations                       •  Client Relations                    • Talent Scout                                                                    

• Communications           •  Sales                                           • Visual Merchandising

• Data Management       •   Calendar Management     •    Project Coordination


• Software Proficiencies:  Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, Logic, Ableton Live, Reason, Fruit Loops

·  Professionally experienced in customer services, retail sales, team building, providing administrative support, and client communications

• Priority oriented, with a keen eye for detail and strong integrity





04.2014 – 10.2014      MUSICIANS INSTITUTE, Los Angeles, California

                                                  Music Business coursework

06.2011 – 12.2013      MESA COLLEGE, San Diego, California

                                                  General Education Coursework





09.2014 – 01.2015      Cleopatra Records (Los Angeles, California)  Internship

·  Learning the logistics of how to run a online store and to manage social media sites

·  Learning the logistics of A&R

·  Working on the Harry Fox Agency to submit writer royalties



09.2014 – 12.2014      Body High Records  (Los Angeles, California)  Internship

·  Helping set up events for release parties

·  Researching where to put our product in stores across the United States

·   Making well organized charts for college radio and venues



05.2014  – 12.2014     Oaks Gourmet Market (Los Angeles, California) Barista

·  Duties include opening daily operations and being able to work in a fast past environment at all times

·  Communicating with nearly 200 customer daily while providing excellent customer service


06.2011 – 05.2014      FREELANCE (San Diego, California)Event Marketing Representative

• Promoted the sales of numerous event tickets for Scream Events, LED Presents, and Eventvibe

·  Guided and assisted various clients in choosing the best tickets for their needs

·  Aided in the organization of the venues for major events


09.2013 – 03.2014      NORDSTROM, E-Bar (San Diego, California)Barista

·  Duties include opening, closing, daily operations, inventory control and management

·  Facilitated coffee order services for over 300 customer daily while providing excellent customer communications


06.2011 – 07.2013      MACY‘s (San Diego, California)Sales Associate/Cashier

• Provided complete customer services as a leading part-time sales associate in women’s shoes

• Responsibilities included client communications, product education, shoe fittings, inventory control, sales, cash handling, and returned merchandise authorizations