I find that us sound guys are a unique breed of human beings. Most of our time is spent alone in a studio at a computer screen obsessing over the most subtle sonic details that often have the strongest emotional impact. Our job requires us to understand the human condition so that we can evoke emotion through sound and music. Our obsessive approach to sonic storytelling is an art form that requires imagination, passion, and discipline.


  • acoustics
  • audio editing
  • audio engineering
  • audio mixing
  • audio post production
  • audio processing
  • audio restoration
  • audio visual support
  • audiology
  • dance music
  • digital audio
  • DJ
  • electronic music
  • film scoring
  • live sound
  • logic pro
  • music production
  • musical theatre
  • pro tools
  • professional audio
  • psychoacoustics
  • qlab
  • radio broadcasting
  • remixing
  • scoring to picture
  • sound
  • sound design
  • sound editing
  • sound mixing
  • sound reinforcement
  • soundtrack
  • studio recording


Institute of Audio Research

2013-2014 Audio Production and Recording, Audio Engineer's diploma