Derrek Morales | (713)998-4329


I’m a hardworking video editor/ content creator  with a passion for music within the EDM community, that will stop at nothing to produce quality results. I’m adept at maintaining the computer technology of the job, meeting client deadlines, and developing creative results to enhance the viewers’ experience in association to any line of work. I enjoy creating videos for events, travel, and action sports.


  • Extensive understanding of the computer hardware and software utilized in the industry
  • Exceptional ability to meet client deadlines
  • Excellent networking skills and strong ability to work with clients
  • Able to work as part of a team or alone
  • Always willing to put in long hours to complete a project
  • Enjoys the work immensely and takes pride in a good finished product

Work Experience

October 2010 – October 2015 | United States Marine Corps | San Diego, CA | Helicopter Mechanic

  • Delegated maintenance and overlooked a team of Marines as flightline desk Sergeant
  • Performed periodic and routine maintenance on the MV22 Osprey
  • Mentored Marines on a daily basis

November 2015 – Present | Freelance Videography | Seattle, WA | Video Editor

  • Worked for BL3R as DJ videographer
  • Produced high quality work for small businesses and family functions
  • Helped create video content for residential DJ’s and music producers




  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • after effects
  • lightroom
  • photography
  • photoshop
  • video editing


Cascadia Community College

September 2015 - Present Filming, Communication, Fine arts