Hello, my name is Drago Pavlovich I’m 26 years old and trained with SSF ( Serbian special forces) 8 years of kick boxing.I was a manager/doorman at a nightclub in Los Angeles for three years. Ran and operated our family car dealership for about six years plus. ( Salesperson) I have a great communication skills and and very observant. I did bodyguard work for a few celebrities and high end individuals. I Just bought a apartment in LV and was really interested in working security for your amazing club. Please let me know if you’re hiring and would like to meet me in person. I speak and write fluent Serbian and Croatian & can understand and communicate basics in five languages. I’m having trouble uploading my resume for some reason below. Hope to hear from you soon.   I apologize for not doing this resume correctly but I am not able to upload my resume or a photo of myself.  Will be more than happy to email you my resume when you get this message.



  • bilingual
  • great communicator
  • kickboxer
  • open-minded
  • SSF trained