As of right now, I independently promote EDM artists and their up and coming albums/shows. I have gained a decent following from this fan wise and artist wise. Some big names that are following me on social media include Borgeous, Yasmine and Jahan from Krewella, Tommy Sunshine, Julian Benasis, and more. I also have a wide variety of management and other people affiliated with the industry. I would love to expand my knowledge of promoting and I am going to be attending school for Marketing in spring but online so traveling would not be a problem. Relocation would be totally possible if needed.

Over the summer of 2014, I had the wonderful opportunity of working as press for multiple music festivals such as Summerfest, Warped Tour, Country Thunder, and Windy City Smoke out. I was working with a friend who owned a website and my responsibility was to take pictures of the performers down in the photo pit right on front of the stage and record the interviews we had with some of the performers as well. I got the chance to have an inside look at what the music industry has to offer from the inside out and gained more knowledge and experience than I could have ever imagined. I met artists, label executives, some management, and street team. 

Although EDM is my true passion, I’m grateful for those experiences and hope one day it will lead me into the career I want involving the music I love. 


  • independent promoting on social media
  • navigation through social media sites and also very tech savvy.