I´m hereby applying for the position you put out on

I am 22 years of age (October 9th 1993), I was born in Baerum, Norway and raised in Asker, Norway.

This position fits me well because of my interests and passion. It all started out when I picked up a guitar in my parents basement and taught myself how to play it. Since then I have made music for commercials, worked with the production of festivals, managed a band and picked up DJ´ing and production of music. I work with festivals and events in Norway and therefore I also travel to festivals around the world to observe and bring home information we can use to produce even better festivals in Norway. So far I have been to 6 festivals in 2016 (including Ultra Miami, Ultra Europe and Tomorrowland).
A perfect day at work is a busy one. I prefer having a lot to do and absorbing as much knowledge and information as possible. I am a quick learner and a big dreamer. I do something everyday that will take me closer to a life I don´t need a vacation from. In other words, finding my true passion and work with it every day.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.
Best regards,

Felipe Muñoz


  • flexible.
  • Honest
  • musical
  • outgoing
  • people person
  • quick learner
  • responsible


Asker Highschool

August 2009 - June 2012 Education in Sports Science



Ongoing since 2015 Member of Festival Production Team