Young professional with extensive experience in creating and running events, including directing
two music events in Edinburgh from the first idea to the final result as well as co-ordinating an
annual cultural event from conception to welcoming 5000 attendees. Always looking for innovations
and extremely passionate about “electronic music”. Currently looking for a career in a music


  • ability to access and analyze data
  • adaptability
  • brand management
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • curiosity
  • Direction and Co-ordination
  • imagination and innovative capacity
  • Initiative
  • Music Interest
  • networking
  • problem solving


Edinburgh Napier University - The Business School

January 2015 - July 2016 MSc International Event and Festival Management

Marco Biagi

2006 - 2012 BA International Marketing


Sofar Sounds LTD

May 2016 - Ongoing Co-Creative Director

 Booked venues and artists
Managed branded partnerships
 Coordinated the team of volunteers (i.e. photographers, graphic designer)
 Acted as the focal point and hosted the show
 Developed the network
Managed the finance, tracked the invoices, income and costs

Edinburgh Students' Music Movement

January 2016 - Ongoing Creative Director

 Initiated, planned and developed the main concept of the festival
 Selected and booked the venue and the artists
 Planned partnerships
 Recruited and delegated duties to volunteers (such advertising, design)
 Enhanced the image of the brand
 Created a network
 Acted as a focal point, hosted the show

The Scotland Malawi Partnership 10th Anniversary

September 2015 - November 2015 Event Co-ordinator

 Researched and decided on the venue and artists
 Coordinated the team of volunteers
 Liaised with the Scottish Government
 Planned the event on behalf of Edinburgh Napier University

La Notte Blu Castelnuovo Rangone

May 2013 - Ongoing Creative Director

 Initiated, created and developed the main concept of the festival
 Presented the entire project to the Town Hall
 Selected activities and art performances to engage customers
 Proposed ideas to enhance the image of the event as community sharing
 Suggested new designs for branding, new types of music shows and venues
 Recruited and managed a team of volunteers