Hello Nice to Hear about this opportunity. My name Is Francisco Torres I am a songwriter. I saw your post and I am very interested to see if there is a chance to be a part of this label. I have been writing artistically since middle school, and musically for about 5 years. I have a team of producers,engineers, and artist that will be available to help me in anything I need for jobs to get content as in beats,vocals,snippets,hooks,bridges,verses, or full songs in a speedy matter. As also I own two music studios with top of the line equipment to help with that process as well. I have written different songs for different local artist. I will post them bellow to see if your interested in having me for your label. I would love to be a staff writer for your label to help and aid any artist.I am always interested in working with new people and different companies,If you are interested please feel free to contact me