Hypnotic. Melodic. Experimental. Trance. EDM and everything in between. This is DJ Bu3no.
In residence at Mix 103.7 FM, Fort McMurray. You can hear his EDM mash ups all along the frequency range of the subarctic tundra of Alberta, Canada.
So what is this hot blooded Cuban doing in the great white north? Focusing on his mixing skills while delivering fresh baked mixes to the rave scene in Edmonton.
You might say experimental music is in his blood. Cliche? Maybe.
Yet how many kids at age 13 are performing rap and reggae live across Canada?
Under his form group JVC Crew, DJ Bu3no, then known as Freddy Bueno, released two well received albums with the JVC Crew in 2007 and 2009.
When the group decided to part ways, Freddy Bueno was ready to take on something new.
Collaborating with the likes of Jacqueline Seymour, Fabiola Roudha, PG and others; DJ Bu3no has made quite a name for himself among Ravers.
His album release under Ecstasy Records in 2013, has been heard in over 40 countries worldwide with selected tracks on iTunes. He’s played everywhere across North America even as far as Palm Springs, California.
With his other singles under White Monkey Records, DJ Bu3no is the new emerging sound in EDM/House/Trance both as a producer and performer.
His performance at the Interfusion Music Festival in California has been the highlight of his career thus far.
DJ Bu3no is now looking forward to a long and productive career delivering his brand of EDM to the world.