George Girgis
8041 Hartham Park Ave
Raleigh, NC, USA 27616
SamAsh Music Stores — 2018 – Current
–  Electronic music production & DJing private instructor at SamAsh Music Stores, Raleigh, NC
–  Giving hourly 1 on 1 lessons to students in the Digital Audio Workstation of their choice, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Studio One
–  Teaching a variety of music production techniques such as Sampling, Audio Effects, use of Plugins, and some music theory
–  Answering all student questions regarding making music of any genre and how to structure/layer tracks and songs
–  Tutoring students in the use of DJ controllers such as Numark and Pioneer for mixing songs and beat matching
Digital Media Academy at Duke University — 2018
–  Ableton Live & Music production teacher assistant at DMA’s summer camp at Duke University, Durham NC
–  Setup the equipment and prepare the laptops/software for student use
–  Giving daily lectures on the use of Ableton Live and other DAWs, teaching topics such as MIDI/Audio and how to layer tracks based on the genre
–  Teaching a variety of curriculum topics such as Sampling, Audio Effects, use of Plugins, and music theory
–  Work 1 on 1 with each student to make sure they understand the material and can apply it to their productions
–  Dedicating a week of camp to teach mixing, mastering, and EQing tracks
–  Open house with the students’ parents to present their tracks and discuss what they have learned
OvertoneNC Studio — 2017-2018
–  Mentorship at Overtone studio with my mentor Chris Bodall who was in charge of teaching me Ableton Live 9 Pro 1 on 1 before getting my certification
–  Assist and participate in equipment placement and setup
–  Help and assist with live recording and saving of each session

NC State University — 2014-2018
–   Wide variety of art studies and music concentration experience in school including the study of the history of music from the 18th to the 21st century, music theory, composition, and art entrepreneurship
–    1 on 1 Private tutoring piano classes that include piano playing lessons and music theory
–    Excelled in various music composition and songwriting classes with very positive feedback and “A” grades from my professors in these classes
–    Trained various music producers at school and outside of school
–    Coordinated various music production projects with vocalists and producers within the NC State music department
–    Started out DJing paid gigs at bars and clubs in downtown Raleigh including pulse at Lincoln Theatre
–  North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC — BA in Art Studies with a Music Concentration, May 2018
–  Recording Connection, Los Angeles, CA —Ableton Live 9 Pro Bachelor’s equivalent certification, 2018
–  Heritage High School, Wake Forest, NC — Diploma, 2014
–  Honors and awards: – Graduated with A/B honor roll in high school
–  Released singles under record labels including Daxsen Records and Golden Goat Records
–    Over three years of experience in the use of digital audio work stations
–    Solely built a fully equipped home studio
–    Mastery of Ableton and FL studio in the use of music production
–    Experience with video editing in my Youtube channel using Adobe After Effects and iMovie
–    High energy level, willingness to assume responsibility, strong team work ability after working in many places including fast food and pharmacy technician at Walgreens and Rite Aid. Problem solving skills with insurance and customers
–    Used to dealing with high pressure situations after working at fast paced environments
–    All of these skills helped me learn the craft of music production quickly which led me to spending a few hours on a project as opposed to days when I first started out
–    Produced over 50 tracks, and gained numerous players and followers on Soundcloud and Spotify with plays from continents throughout the world including America, Europe, Africa, and Asia under artist name “Masri”
–    Experience with the use of social media to upload and promote tracks on platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube
–    Up to date knowledge in various music genres such as pop, electronic dance music, and hip-hop


North Carolina State University

July 2014-July 2018 Art Studies BA, Music Concentration