• Experienced in planning and hosting events for up to 4,000 attendees
  • Organizing travel arrangements, providing, accommodation and ground transportation
  • Strong project management skills with attention to detail
  • Managing schedules and deadlines
  • Building & Managing teams, recruiting staff and ensuring supervision and execution


  • Securing sponsorships and raising project funds
  • Establishing partnerships and collaborations with brands, venues and event organizers
  • Negotiating with suppliers, local authorities and vendors
  • Finding exceptional venues and securing usage authorizations as well as proactively selling the them to prospective new clients
  • Booking artists, including building a network with booking agencies and labels


  • Strong communication, promotion and networking skills
  • Production of presentations, press releases & communication plans, including translations Eng/Fr and Fr/Eng
  • Developing & executing communication strategies to engage and drive targeted audiences to action
  • Innovative marketing strategies & cross-marketing approaches
  • Developing app ideas : increasing mailing list data base, guest list form
  • Social media communication : Facebook ads, managing pages, promoting events, online ticket sales actions, creating video teaser


  • ability for accuracy and thoroughness
  • ability to work well under pressure and manage multiple priorities
  • charisma and optimism and day-to-day work
  • confidence and determination in goal reaching
  • quick decisions and problem solving
  • strong interpersonal communication skills
  • taking responsibility
  • teamplayer