DJ MixMaster G,

Creates and performs electronic dance music; with bass-heavy live remixes of club and hip hop favorites, soulful dubs step, or funky house, his mixes are unique to his feel for the music and the feel of the crowd. MMG being acclaimed by his peers to be a pioneer in the art of DJing and has continued to innovate and influence crowds by emulating the styles of some of the top DJ’s in the world.

Having started from the roots of raves and warehouse parties in Europe, preforming weekly for Sunrise productions during the early days.    Preforming weekly throughout England booking over 50 nights a month throughout Europe and in cities like Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, and London.

Having preformed with artist such as Seal, Adamski, Carl Cox, KRS-1, Biggie Smalls, George Clinton, and most recently 2-Chainz, at Atlanta Football Classic and opened for Africa Bambaataa at Old School Jam.

MMG is laying the ground work now for appearance’s next session at the leading festivals throughout the world. Have him develop and build a following in your venue.

Listen to his creations, live remixes with his weapons of destruction Pioneer CDJ’s accompanied by the Denon HC-1000 midi controller and the Pioneer RMX-500 remix station.



DJ MixMaster G aka (Greg Merrill) started DJ’ing in the late 80’s on the west coast.  After starting I soon found that I had the gift to put together the right tracks and beat’s that move the masses, working on my craft led to residencies at local clubs and special events in the Sacramento Valley.

The next step was Europe; in 1988 I started my assault in Europe. It took six months to get a residency but that one gig turn into weekly appearances in Sunrise Raves and warehouse parties.  I was one of the fore fathers of what has become EDM. Eventually booking fifty gigs a month and as many as five shows a night, having a crew out almost every night Wednesday – Sunday.  We were the:

Euro-American Connection Best DJ’s in the UK .

After establishing myself in England, I soon was getting gigs throughout England, Germany, and Belgium. I played music of all genres, (Club, Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Electric, and House) with a real talent in the EDM, Dance, House and Hip Hop genres. Performing with various artists, such as Seal, Adamski, Carl Cox, KRS 1, Biggie Smalls, George Clinton, Paula Abdul, 2Chainz, and Ludacris at the Atlanta Football Classic in the Georgia Dome. Opened for Afrika Bambaataa at old school jam, and was guest DJ at Rhythms and Rhymes Christmas Party at the Klymaxx Night club in the ATL.


Weapons of choice Pioneer CDJ’s and what really enhances the show is my live remixes with the Denon HC-1000 midi controller and Pioneer RMX-500 remix station.




Music Isn’t What You Hear                         Music Is What You Feel



  • EDM open format DJ