My name is Clint Groves, I’m a college student from Salt Lake City, Utah. Please view the attached resume for some more information about myself as a musician and a performer, and some cool pictures I’ve created for the Gypsyhook project.

I am a dance music artist and “DJ” not bound by genre.

When I play a show, I want every single individual in the crowd to be more than satisfied by the end of my set because I played something personal to them. Sometimes though, I like to play sets with niches for the environment. I know what music needs to be played at a club, at a festival, and at a rave. I will not lose an audience because of song choice, because I love all of this music equally.

I’d really be interested in furthering this and becoming a project for a label or management team. I’m still young and I can be shaped in any direction as long as I have some input on who I am as an artist. I don’t care where I play, or who I play for as long as it is Gypsyhook on the stage.