·        5+ years’ experience in the service industry in corporate restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

·        Recognized by corporate management for exceptional service.

·        Stayed self-motivated to achieve high liquor and food sales.

·        Handled alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink orders for the entire restaurant.

·        Responsible for managing and training hosts, servers, and bartenders at upscale restaurants.

·        Point of contact for event guests at upscale restaurants and dance halls.

·        Involved guests in activities at private events alongside entertainment team members.

·        Assisted special events coordinator at private parties.

·        Trained a team of sales consultants to provide outstanding customer service.


  • Aloha
  • Digital Dining
  • POS Software Experience: Micros
  • spanish


High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

2006/2010 Musical Theatre