For the past 4 years I have done nothing but work in the event industry. This all began in February 2011 when I started a company with my two friends Matt Medwid and Alex Dansky. After a year of struggeling to get our company off the ground we became partners with OneEleven Music, in Eugene, OR. This partnership subsequently lead to the production of nearly 100 events ranging from smaller club shows (200 in attendance) to large scale production such as Foam Wonderland and Life in Color.

Besides the numerous single events and tour stops we produced, this partnership also lead to the production of Kaleidoscope Music Festival. This was probably the greatest experience I have had to date. We featured 100+ artists over 3 days for 7,000 attendees. We featured 5 stages and acts that varied from Bassnectar to Nas.

Since then I have continued to seek work in the greater event industry. I covered for my good friend Chris Butscher at Electric Zoo and now work full time at a local nightclub Cozmic, here in Eugene. My current posting has given me the awesome opportunity to program, operate, and maintain a large array of 8 moving fixtures and 8 LED par lights.

I feel that my past experience makes me a perfect fit for this position. I hope to hear from you soon!!!


Ian Alvarez


  • 3d modeling
  • after effects
  • cinema 4d
  • event managment
  • festival fundraising
  • layout design
  • lighting design
  • photoshop
  • q light controller plus
  • reinforced sound opperation
  • resolume
  • stage design
  • visual mapping


Cozmic Presents

Jan 2015-Current Lighting Director

I am Responsible for all programing, maintenance, and operation of our lighting fixtures. We currently have 4x 400W Moving Wash Lights, 4x 200W Moving Beam Fixtures, 8x LED par Fixtures, 4x Traditional Par Fixtures. These lights are all supplied by John Klein at Portland Productions 503-528-4799

Kaleidoscope Music Festival

May 2013-July 2014 Co-OwnerAssistant Fundraiser/Visual Jockey

Providing support in fundraising and production. Assisted security teams and parking logistics. Sat on executive board and was apart of all high level management decisions.

OneEleven Music

April 2012-June 2014 Co-Owner/Director of Production

I managed all aspects of event production and designed stages. I operated lighting, sound, and all visual aspects.

Searchlight Visuals

Nov 2011-Current Visual Jockey

Provided visual mapping for a number of performances including Morgan Page at Electric Zoo 2014. Chris Butscher (619) 405 3957

Chedda Production

Fedruary 2011-April 2012 Co-Owner

I started this company with several of my friends. This company lead to a partnership with OneEleven and the subsequent production of 100+ events and Kaleidoscope Music Festival