My name is ivan. To let you know a little more about me, I am a young Dj/Producer from sacramento known as Dj Navi. I have a crazy passion for music and would love a chance to get any job in the music industry. I recently turned 18 last week and I am taking my career very seriously as an artist. I have been a Dj for numerous events and parties and I can promise you one thing… I have always kept the crowd very entertained. I eventually would like to throw my own concerts and music festivals in the future so I feel this would be a great way to gain more knowledge of the music industry.

Aside from wanting to perform as a Dj for events, I’d love to take any job available! Whether it’s a street team member or a live sound engineer, I’d love to gain more experience in the music industry. I WILL TAKE ANY ASSISTING/INTERNSHIP POSITION AVAILABLE!! ANY!!! I am currently in school majoring in Music Business and Recording Arts so I feel this is a great step to joining the industry. I have attached my resume to gain a little more knowledge on my skills and work experience.