Admart Products – Multimedia Editor
– Content Development: Created video-clips for products.
– Inventory:  Managed an online inventory for over 3,000 products.
– Information Technology: Assisted in maintaining the company website.

Ten57 Magazine – Multimedia Editor
– Pre-Production: Conceptualizing and storyboarding with a  team of 10.
– Documenting – Shooting (DSLR), interviewing, filing release-forms.
– Post-Production – Editing video, color grading, syncing music, meeting deadlines.
– Having Fun: 110%.

West Covina Center for the Performing Arts
– Sound Board Operator: Mixed live audio for a two-week theater performance.
– Production Staff: Changed microphone batteries, delivered microphones to artists.

Guerilla Union, Inc. – Production Runner
– Shuttle Driver: Driving artists, staff, vendors from hotel to concert venue.
– Hospitality: Delivering food & alcohol to artists.
– Production: Stagehand, loading/unloading equipment.


  • ableton live
  • adobe after effects
  • adobe premiere pro.
  • logic studio
  • media development
  • mixing & mastering
  • music production
  • pro tools
  • video editing
  • video production


California State Polytechnic University Pomona

09/2008 - 12/2014 B.A. Music Industry Studies - Audio Engineering

Ready to work at SiriusXM.