Jean-Philippe Provost
4055 Drolet Apt. #1, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2W 2L5                                 438-883-7445

When it comes to working as a contractor, or a manager, I can work both independently and in teams. I have a strong work ethics, I am organized, managing my own money and time to produce results.


An experience Operations and Inventory Manager. I was promoted to management within my first month working as a bus boy. I had proven my commitment, work ethic, and trust in the field. I fulfilled my potential, by creating an excel-based system to keep track of all goods coming in and out of the venue and calculating estimated revenues. I was effective, to the point that 5 months later was assigned another venue to manage simultaneously with the first. I learned how to maintain operational proficiency for equipment and training staff. I learned how to properly manage teams to accomplish projects and goals.


An experienced Sales Representative. I have strong experience when it comes to dealing with consumers, building relationships and creating customers. I have found myself in sales related employment for the last 5 years, when it comes to direct sales, or promotions. I have lots of experience in dealing with people, maintaining a strong relationship, generating sales. Additionally, I have learned strong organizational skills, learning how to work independently, managing myself as well as others.


JP Marketing Consultant, Montreal (September 2015 – Current)
Managing Consultant
Our main duty is to execute field promotional contracts that we receive from our clients. These contracts include but aren’t limited to sampling, putting up posters, handing out flyers, and etc.


I am responsible for client acquisition and to hire and organize street teams who will execute contracts that meet the standards of my clients.


Kognitive Marketing, Montreal (October 2014 – Current)
Field Marketing Representative
My main duty is to promote and represent our corporate clients to their demands. At the same time, I generate leads, and ensure client acquisition.


We provide an extraordinary customer service, build relationships with our consumers and turning them into customers.


I keep track of, and reach sales targets that I would give to myself. Also, i keep track of all sales acquired, accomplish the paper work in the required way and send essential documents to our client or head office. It is my responsibility to make sure I get the training I need in order to reach my goals.


York Entertainment, Ottawa (June 2013 – July 2014)
Inventory and Operations Manager
I managed the operations and inventory for events venue, Era, for over a year. Having been exemplary in my role as manager, I was assigned another venue to manage simultaneously.


I would keep track of all goods that we would sell and buy in order to ensure all revenues are accounted for. I managed this by creating an excel-based system to accommodate with our structure.


I was also responsible for making sure that the venues were operable during operating hours. I would make orders for essential products and goods sold, and keep track of invoices to send over to finance department. This responsibility would include maintaining proper equipment efficiency, by either repairing them myself or calling in contractors.


During the operating hours of the venues, I would keep track of goods sold that would leave from, and return to inventory in order to calculate expected revenues. Additionally, I would be working on the floor managing and training, bus boys, waitresses, bartenders and bouncers. I would fill in roles when necessary.


International Paintball Group, Ottawa – Montreal – Vancouver (June 2012 – June 2013)
Independent Contractor
I operated in the Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver regions, however it was still my duty to promote and generate sales for paintball fields in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom.


I would work independently or in teams in order to find clients and to demonstrate value for the product. It would be extremely important to manage my time, to book my own venues, and to consider merchandising, travel expenses, materials and office supplies.


2014                Current: Concordia University, Montreal

Independent Studies


2010                Vanier College, Ville St. Laurent

Social Science: Commerce


·        Territory Sales Experience

·        Operations Management

·        Client Relations

·        Computer Proficient

·        Excel

·        Fundamentals of C++

·        Promotions

·        Bilingual: French and English