My name is Jenna Audibert. I am a bubbly 22 year old that desires to be apart of the change. I am passionate enough for inspiring music that I must be apart of it.  Currently I am promoting for Cervantes in Denver, Colorado. I also promoted for Sonic Bloom and Arise music festivals in 2015. I would be the best candidate to hire because I’m outgoing, hard working, dependable, and creative. My dreams are to be a huge contributor in the music industry. Being apart of the EDM community has changed my life for the better.

To have gone to countless concerts and music festivals is a blessing. I have learned many lessons and met amazing people. Music truly does connect everyone, and brings you on new adventures. The people you meet become closer then family. That family connection will change lives. Everyone wants that sense of belonging. I will always be a supporter of the love revolution that is inspired by EDM music.


  • Bubbly. Outgoing. Connected. Marketing. Organized. Passionate. Promotion. Personable.


Cervantes Street Team - Jamie Jay

February 17, 2015 to Present Street Team/Promotion