Jenyne “Butterfy”
Voted “most infuential pole artist” of all time

Profle: Ambitious and artistic aerialist and choreographer, costume designer, and artistic director in search of any position pertaining to cirque-style entertainment. Vibrant and expressive with a unique ability to capture an audience with an array of style, coordination, and presentation. 16 years of pole move innovation and 13 years coaching experience. Workshop descriptions available upon request.

Skills and attributes: Training in gymnastics, yoga, some modern dance, jazz, and hip-hop. Specializing in aerial arts such as; Spanish web, cerceau, tissu, static trapeze, globe, chandelier, and especially recognized for pole. Demonstrates strength, fexibility, elegance, and creativity. Adept at costume design and make-up. Aerial choreography, show writing and producing, and artistic director services.

Education /training: Hollywood Aerial Arts: various aerial classes Shine Fitness Alternative: various pole and aerial classes

Trapezius: Spanish web, cerceau, tissu, and static/doubles trapeze
Circus Contraption: Performed as part of a nine women group “The Aerialistas”
Trapeze School New York: Flying trapeze Manhattan, New York
Gymnastics Plus: Seven years gymnastics training up to level 5 in Yakima, WA
Yakima Valley Technical: Fashion Design Bellevue Community College: Theater, Drawing, and Design Las Vegas Community College: Theater, Drawing, and Architecture

Professional Experience 2012-present:
Cirque du Soleil: Act creation and move development for new apparatus (Dirty Diana curved pole) in MJ ONE,
also designed the top donut rings for straight side poles
2017-present Aerial Athletica: weekly pole ftness classes
2009-2012 world tour: traveled the globe to more than 40 countries as a master instructor/innovator of pole art Competitions: 1st ever United States Pole Dance Federation Champion
2009 “Runner-up” Silver Medalist World Pole Championship
2009-2012 guest judge: Russian National Championship of Pole Dance
2009 -United States Pole Dance Federation Nationals
2010 -United States Pole Dance Federation Regionals
2010 -Miss Pole Dance South Africa
2010 -Miss PoleDance Australia 2010 -Pole Art Sweden
2010 -United States Pole Dance Federation Nationals
2011 -California Pole Championship
2011 -Pole Art Finland
2011 -Pole Art Sweden
2012 -International Pole Championship Hong Kong
2012 -Pole World Cup in Brazil
2012 -Pole Art Cyprus 2016
2009 Book credits: Pole Fitness Association, curator of pole moves dictionary Author of “Vuelo”, photography book of aerial disciplines Online instruction: developed entire pole training program for

2004 Studio Mariposa: Owner/artistic director of new ftness concept studio in Seattle, WA
Dance, aerial, stretching, cardio exercises, and strength building for women
Performance Experience:
2017 Michael Jackson: Featured aerialist and choreographer in “Blood on the Dance Floor”
2012-2017 Michael Jackson ONE: Cirque du Soleil solo artist as Dirty Diana
2004-2012 Fetish and Fantasy Ball: Created and performed solo and group acts every Halloween
2010-2012 Haze Nightclub: Artistic Director of specialty performances for Light Group
2006-2012 performed for DJ’s Paul Oakenfold, David Guetta, Tiesto
2012 Rock of Ages Movie: Musical starring T om Cruise, featured pole dancer and choreographer with Mia Michaels
2010 Music Video: My Darkest Days featuring Ludacris (pole dancer)
2009-Present Missy Cochran Entertainment: MGM grand corporate and holiday events
2007-2009 Freelance: Performed every casino on Las Vegas Blvd as an aerialist and pole dancer including Stardust and Riviera Hotel 2006 Dragone: Generalist at Le Reve, hired specifcally for “spell sphere” aerial act
2006 Studio 54: aerialist and go-go dancer
Before 2005… Carnival: Flygirl Cabaret appearance at choreographer’s ball, Los Angeles
Dinah Shore Weekend: Aerial performance with Carmen Electra and dancers, Palm Springs
Rainbow Bar and Grill: Rock Monday dancer, Las Vegas
Plush Nightclub: Cerceau performance and go-go dancer, Las Vegas
Paradise Nightclub: Cerceau and pole performances, Las Vegas
Moisture Festival: Aerialista performance, Seattle
Winterfest Seattle Center: Aerialista performance, Seattle
Dynamo Entertainment: Dancer, costume designer
Element Nightlife: Dancer, costume designer
References available upon request

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724 Castlebridge Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89123


  • acrobat
  • aerial artist
  • choreographer
  • costume designer
  • dancer
  • director
  • entertainment
  • events
  • performance artist
  • producer