My resume is a brief overview of my early adult years and the jobs I have had. I am currently a student at the University of Arkansas majoring in marketing with a minor in management and have a strong passion of electronic dance music and the culture surrounding it. I want to have a job that will lead me to having a career in this field because it is my dream to be able to combine my career with one of my passions. I do not look forward to having a career where I go to work to make a living and then go home. I want a job that can enhance the qualities of life that I am looking for as well as advancements in my professional career. For now I am seeking  a part time job or internship where I can gain skills and practical knowledge for an entry level employee in the music business. Due to the fact that not many jobs in this industry are open in the Northwest Arkansas area it seems I make have to do a remote job, but this is no problem because I have internet access virtually everywhere and will always be in communication. I do no want this to put a limit on my future; so to any employers reading this, I sincerely urge you to let me know what I can do to have my services provide for your company post graduation an onward.

Thank you,


Forrest Wilms


  • goal oriented
  • leads groups
  • on task
  • organized
  • positive mental attitude
  • punctual
  • sales
  • team management