Jocqui Starks


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Objective:  Seeking a position in audio production that will utilize my skills and work ethic.



The Art Institute of Atlanta                                                                                                     Expected: Jan 2021

BA in Audio Production




Microsoft Office Suite
FL Studio
Logic Pro X


School Projects


“For The Birds” & “Clay” – Sound Design                                                                               Dec 2015

·       Imported sound from an online SFX library into ProTools

·       Synced sounds with video within ProTools

·       Blended sounds within project to make all sounds individually heard



Clarkston High school – Symphony Orchestra                                                                       Nov 2013

·       Created an orchestral score for the high school’s performance

·       Played double bass


Audio Engineering (Pro-Tools & Logic)

·       Recorded vocals for artists

·       Blended instruments and vocals together to make them all individually heard

·       Used mixing techniques to better the tracks (eq, compression, delay, reverb, etc.)


Music Production

·       Created instrumentals for artist’s songs and/or projects

·       Helped artists navigate their needs and wants for their projects by translating certain terminologies

·       Critically critiqued artist’s music for their projects


Work Experience


Faders Studio ATL – Audio Engineer Intern                                                                                   Jan 2016

What’s In That Bag Boy Productions – Music Producer Intern                                                    Jun 2015




·       Honor Roll – The Art Institute of Atlanta                                                                            June 2016



The Art Institute of Atlanta

Aug. 2014 - Present Able to record and mix vocals, multitrack recordings, guitars, etc. Able to produce instrumentals in hiphop/rap, R&B and Pop