John Dean Wells III
Address: 1021 233rd PL SW, Bothell, Washington, 98021
Phone: (425)-780-8077

• Central Washington University (2010-2011)
o Honor roll- given to those who achieve a 3.5 or above GPA.
• Washington State University (2011-2015)
o Bachelors of Science in Marketing (primary major)
o Bachelors of Science in Anthropology
o Member of Phi Kappa Tau
 Held Position of Chaplin- Help guide and mentor new members
 Participated in Service hours
 Participated/helped in Philanthropies for Serious Fun Children’s Network
Work Experience:
• SpeeWest Construction (2010-2015)
o Part time Laborer
 Responsible for locking up job sight and equipment
 Handle daily tasks such as concreting, grouting and general cleaning
 Responsible for picking up and delivering equipment
 Required to work with multiple teams on various projects
• Experienced with Excel and Microsoft Word
• Able to Adapt to new procedures. Constantly taught new methods and skills on job sight such as how to pour concrete and operate heavy machinery (snorkel and scissor lift).
• Listening. Able to understand and process information the first time given. As a laborer one is always expected to remember all jobs given and how to do them when assigned in the morning.
• Organizing work/ prioritizing work. Able to allocate time efficiently to organize daily tasks based on importance and on time required to complete them.
• Able Endure long work hours. Extremely familiar with working flexible hours. Able to come in early or stay later for work purposes.
• Analyzing problems. Maintained a daily routine of observing for any issues or complications on the job then effectively resolve the dilemma.
• Interacting with people at different levels. Able to thoroughly communicate with people of diverse backgrounds including cultural, educational and professional.
• Knowledge of concepts and principals. Through my education I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to my fields of expertise. Such as consumer behavior and the various aspects of the subject in which a consumer chooses or does not choose to purchase a product or understanding emic and etic viewpoints when understanding another culture as one is seen in the perspective or those within the culture and the other is the perspective of the outsider.