I’m a freshman at the College of Charleston, I’m relativity new to the business side of the EDM industry, but I’m not new to the service side. I’ve worked in service before and been promoted several times in the span of about a year. When I left my last job I was a front waiter at Clyde’s restaurant group in Washington DC. This restaurant was high cover and taught me how to work well under pressure. Since coming to college I’ve become part of the radio station and currently play a show focused on open format EDM live mixing. I’ve also done gig to gig work at a few bars in Charleston, and learned crowd control skills. I’ve declared a business administration major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Philosophy. I write at an extremely well versed level because of the language I’ve come across in my philosophy studies, and used to maintain a blog for talking about different philosophers, and my take on what they meant. If hired for any position I will show you what it means to have unrelenting tenacity in work ethic, and get the job done.


  • audio editing
  • exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Microsoft office trained
  • self taught DJ and music producer
  • unrelenting work ethic


Washington-Lee High School

9/6/10-6/18/2015 Basic Knowledge of music theory, exceptional liberal arts skills

High School is in the top 10 in the nation, learned how to write exceptionally well, and where I found my love for music especially EDM.

College of Charleston

8/16/2015-Present Currently studying Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and minor in Philosophy

This institution has allowed me to peruse music journalism opportunities as well as hone my skills as an electronic music producer.


Clyde's Restaurant group-Georgetown

6/5/2014-9/16/2015 Front waiter

I worked my way up from Host, to busboy, to Front waiter. I was expected to be polite with all guests, handle myself under high cover and stress environment, know extensive wine pairings, drinks, alcohols, and food items to sell. As well as the 8 major allergies and how to function within a large restaurant group like Clyde’s that does about 100 million in net profit a year.


8/16/15-present DJ Live Fire

I’m an electronic DJ and Music producer. In my time around Charleston I’ve done promotions, collected emails, put up posters, self-taught myself how to mix, and gotten into bars without making any connections. I’ve started a wonderful and somewhat profitable business venture.