Joshua Lee Buck

Current Address:
3980 5th ST. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55421


To find a career and fully utilize my talent and abilities, work hard and help a company grow and prosper.


•Traveling, computer IT and programming, Music Production and deejaying, staying healthy, meeting new people, helping people and doing my very best at whatever I am doing being work or enjoyment.


Le Sueur Henderson High school, Le Sueur, MN 56058

High school Diploma, May 2008

GPA: 3.0

High school Hockey Player


Music Producer/Web Designer

June 2011-Present

•          Self employed

•          Company name Buck-Nasty Productions

•          FL Studio, Ableton Live, Traktor Pro 2

June Mountain Ski Resort (owned by Mammoth Mountain), 3819 Hwy 158 June Lake, CA 93529

December 2009-April 2011

•         Lift operations

•         Running testing and maintaining chair lifts

•         Watching, helping and greeting people getting on and off lifts.

•         Making sure no one falls off or gets caught and stopping lift and helping them if they do.

•         Filling out logs

•         Maintaining ramps and area shoveling setting up fences ribbons etc…

Working on my grandpas farm, Henderson, MN

September 2009-Dec2009


•         Feeding livestock

•         Various Landscaping, tree trimming, lawn mowing etc..

•         Snowplowing during the winter/shoveling and insulating

•         Tractor and vehicle mechanics


United States Army Active Duty, Clarksville, TN

October 2008-August 2009

•         Fire Support Specialist/Forward Observer/Artillery

•         RTO: Radio Team Operator

•         General under Honorable Conditions Discharge


Pizza Ranch Restaurant, 124 N 2nd St. Le Sueur, MN

September 2007-September 2008

•         Delivery Driver

•         Making pizzas/chicken

•         Buffet detail

•         Answering phones and helping customers/busing

•         Dishes/cleanup of store

•         Closing and arranging goods taking out trash etc.


Asphalt Driveway Repair, Henderson, MN (private contractor)

June-August 2007

•         Repaired driveway aprons holes with asphalt and infrared heaters.

•         Repaired cracks and holes in parking lots with patches using heater and asphalt.


•         Music Production/D.J. FL Studio and Ableton Live proficient. Traktor Pro 2 and Serato Scratch Live.

•          Proficient in use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop and other computer software I know web page design, html, JavaScript, CSS, Wordpress, Ecommerce, PHP. Know basic and some other pieces of computer science.

•          PC Hardware, building repairing, replacing.

•          PC Debugging, removing viruses, malware and spyware

•          Setting up networks. Routers, modems administration and protection.

•          Know all shop tools and have used them.

•          Wood designs and lathes

•          Welding. Arc, Acetylene torch, wire feed, Tig.

•          Basic construction. Framing, siding, shingling, drywall, roofing.




Buck-Nasty Productions

June 2011-Present DJ/Producer/Promoter

Mixing and produce electronic music. Mainly progressive, dubstep and electro-house.