21 years old DJ/Producer, with having lots of support and experience touring with successful djs, looking to work and evolve in the business,


Arless and his DJ partner Dan Alba started off by doing a lot of warmup sets where they played original house music and tech house, which they still love doing.

But after a lot of warmups they started getting their own peak hours , and now people recognize the pair and their sets as energetic, massive and groovy.

With inspiration from Ibiza and DJ’s from Roger Sanchez to Corey James, these guys are chameleons as they love to play all sorts of sets and scenes, from tech sets to the absolute grooviest peak hour sets. This duo makes sure their crowd feels those perfect vibes, as they create a great atmosphere at every show.


  • creative
  • djing
  • fast learner
  • full of initiative
  • Multiple Languages
  • music production
  • Scouting for talents